declutter & destress



1. Start your day off right as soon as you get out of bed. A bedroom always looks less cluttered and more peaceful when the bed is made.

2. When you leave a room, quickly glance around to see if something belongs in another area of your home.  Do NOT leave that item in the room.  Pick it up, and take it to its designated spot.

3.  Its never too early to start teaching your children to pick up after themselves.  Children under the age of one can help put toys into a container.  Teach them before they know the alternative!

4.  Before you go to the store, look in your cabinets, refrigerator, and freezer.  Don't buy it, if you already have it.

5.  OHIO - Only Handle It Once - This is a good reminder to keep yourself from thinking, "I'll get to this later."

6. "I'll do it later..." & "I might need this someday" are the top two "thinking traps" that people get caught in that lead to paper clutter.

7. Every room in your home, every cabinet, every closet should have a predetermined purpose.

8. Always have a bag for donations.  When its full, put it in your car and next time you pass your favorite charity/donation site you'll be prepared.

9. Look under your bathroom sink and in your medicine cabinet.  Check the expiration dates on medication, creams, lotions, etc.  If it's expired, ditch it!

10. Never use cardboard boxes for storage.  They attract rodents and insects and absorb moisture leading to mold and mildew.  Always use sealed plastic containers.

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