declutter & destress
Frequently Asked Questions
What do I do first?
1.)  Call 914.514.9150 for a free phone consultation.
2.)  Schedule an initial evaluation in your own home or at Declutter & Destress.
3.)  Declutter and Destress will assess your wants and needs. 
4.)  You will set goals and devise an achievable plan to attain them.
5.)  Enjoy a life with less clutter and less stress!

How much does this service cost?
An initial 60-90 minute in-home evaluation is $250.  Depending on your specific situation either an hourly rate of $175/hr or a flat fee per project will be determined. Unlike other traditional professional organizers, I don't just come in and "clean house" for you.  I take the opportunity to teach you the skills to maintain the organizational systems that you set up.  It is truly an investment in your life.

Do you accept credit cards?

Credit card payments can be made through Paypal.

Will my health insurance cover any of your fees?

After an initial face to face evaluation, Dr. Segal will determine whether you might be eligible to seek reimbursement from your insurance carrier.  If you are determined to have a diagnosable condition covered by your insurance plan this would be considered a therapeutic service delivered by a licensed psychologist.  Depending on your health insurer's policies, you may be able to obtain substantial reimbursement for Declutter & Destress services. 
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